Z1-302500 Altecnic Expansion Pressure Vessel 500 litre

Brand: Altecnic
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 Z1-302500 Altecnic Expansion Pressure Vessel 500 litre
Ref. noCapacityDiameterHeightInletmax working connection pressure bar
ZI-3010044 ltr225mm195mm¾" BSP4 bar
ZI-3010088 ltr220mm295mm¾" BSP4 bar
ZI-30101212 ltr294mm281mm¾" BSP4 bar
ZI-30101818 ltr290mm400mm¾" BSP4 bar
ZI-30102424 ltr324mm415mm¾" BSP4 bar
ZI-302035.CP35 ltr + base404mm408mm¾" BSP4 bar
ZI-302050.CP50 ltr + base404mm530mm¾" BSP4 bar
ZI-30208080 ltr450mm608mm¾" BSP5 bar
ZI-302105105 ltr500mm665mm¾" BSP6 bar
ZI-302150150 ltr500mm897mm¾" BSP6 bar
ZI-302200200 ltr600mm812mm¾" BSP6 bar
ZI-302250250 ltr630mm957mm¾" BSP6 bar
ZI-302300300 ltr630mm1105mm¾" BSP6 bar
ZI-302400400 ltr630mm1510mm¾" BSP6 bar
ZI-302500500 ltr750mm1340mm1" BSP6 bar
ZI-302600600 ltr750mm1565mm1" BSP6 bar

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