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PB209 Polypipe underfloor heating Double heat spreader plate

Product code: PB209
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PB209 Polypipe Double heat spreader plate

Polypipe For 15mm pipe , 450mm span double indent 
Pipe grooves at 125mm each side of centre line

5 per pack

Designed for use in timber suspended or battened floors, the Polypipe suspended floor system uses aluminium double heat spreader plates to transmit the heat evenly across the finished floor surface.

Suitable for joist widths of 300mm to 450mm, the spreader plates are simply fixed to the joist using small nails or staples. The pipe is then run into the preformed grooves of the panels which are designed to hold the pipe securely at 225mm average centers.

A layer of insulation below the panels will ensure that almost all of the heat generated passes up into the room. The Polypipe suspended floor system is also suitable for use with "sprung" flooring systems as used in sports halls etc.

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Brand Polypipe
Product Code PB209
Weight 3.5kg