Nest External Camera


Nest Outdoor Cam

• Weatherproof outdoor security camera, detects activity in 1080p full HD and sends notifications to your Nest smartphone app
• Extra wide 130-degree viewing angle, capture all the action
• Guards your home 24/7 with night vision, recording and streaming live footage up to 30-metres away
• Detects motion and suspicious sounds and alerts you straight away using the Nest smartphone and tablet app
• Built-in speakers and microphone to communicate with suspicious visitors
• Mains powered so dead batteries will never be a problem
• Share access to other family members so they can keep an eye on your home as well
• Simple DIY installation

What features does the Nest Outdoor Cam have?
The Nest Outdoor Cam helps protect your home 24 hours a day, by keeping you up to date with live activity notifications on your smartphone or tablet. So you will find out about a break-in before it even happens. Capturing and streaming live footage in 1080p full HD, with an all-glass lens which allows you to get a true 1080p HD image quality compared to other outdoor cameras which have a plastic lens which actually lowers the quality you receive. The 130 degree wide-angle view shows you the whole scene and the 8x pinch-to-view zoom, lets you see every minor detail.

This weatherproof camera stands guard outside your home come rain or shine 24/7, plug straight into the mains power supply, so dead batteries will never be a problem and you will never miss a thing. The night vision captures video footage in full 1080p as if it was daytime, evenly illuminating any activity picked up and is displayed clearly. 

The Nest Cam detects motion and suspicious sounds, such as a window breaking or loud crashing. The camera will detect something is up and will send a notification to your smartphone or tablet straight away to keep you alerted. If you do miss a notification, you can see photos of the activity from the last three hours for free in the Nest app. 

The Nest Cam has built-in speakers and a microphone, allowing you to communicate with a suspicious visitor, scaring them off or telling the postman to leave your parcel in a safe place. Share access to your Nest account to your family members so everyone can keep an eye on your home. Or you can make your password-protected live stream public to share with friends and neighbours. 

How easy is it to install the Nest Outdoor Cam?
Compared to other outdoor cameras, the Nest Outdoor Cam in comparison is very simple to install. The camera has been designed so it is easy to install yourself with no fiddly cables or remote hubs running through walls. 

Nest Aware
Nest Aware is a software subscription that is sold separately and enhances your Nest Outdoor Cam’s features. Nest Aware saves up to 30 days of 24/7 accessible video footage securely in the cloud so you will never miss a thing. When you subscribe to Nest Aware advanced cloud algorithms pick out activity you care about. Such as person alerts, get a special alert when someone is walking up your garden path or if someone’s head appears in frame. You will also be able to set activity zones, for example your driveway or garage door, so if any motion is detected in these important zones you will be alerted. Scan through a days’ worth of footage in seconds so you can find what you are looking for quickly and effortlessly. Thumbnails of critical moments are made and automatically zooms in on the action, so you can see if the footage is worth watching. On the Nest website create and share clips of recorded footage to share with your neighbours or the police, turning hours of footage into a mini time-lapse film. 
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