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MHP49013 MHP - polypipe underfloor heating Modular heating panel 490mm x 1.3m

Product code: MHP49013
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MHP49020 MHP - Modular heating panel 490mm x 1.3m

5 per pack

Modular Heating Panels are an exciting new product concept from Polypipe that enable quick and simple installation of underfloor heating into suspended floors in both new build and renovation projects.

Installing under floor heating into upper floors can be challenging, even in new build projects. Most conventional under floor heating systems comprise a single section of pipe, housed or placed within another part of the system structure, such as floor panels, which are cut to size on site. This works fine as there are no interruptions to the laying of the pipe. In suspended floor installations however, the pipe, plates and insulation have to fit within an obvious obstruction: the supporting floor joists. It is working around the joists, and avoiding other services, that has often led to under floor heating being avoided in upper floors.

As the name suggests, a Modular Heating Panel (MHP) is a pre-configured solution, where all of the floor heating system components are supplied fitted within complete panels, which are simply fitted and connected together on site. Thanks to MHP it is now possible to fit panels quickly into the existing joist voids and connect them to a standard heat source.

MHP works with both traditional and engineered joists and can be fitted from above or below.

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Brand Polypipe
Product Code MHP49013
Weight 5kg