McAlpine BL30-3/4 3/4" Complete 3/4" BL30 Kit

Product code: BL30-3/4
£7.60 £9.12 (inc. VAT)
Plastic Pipe is more flexible for transferring water than copper, suitable for domestic and commercial plumbing requirements such as for bringing clean, fresh water into your household and for removing waste water from basins, baths, showers and toilets etc. Plastic is a safe material for transporting clean water is the plastic will not dissolve or corrode over a short space of time. Here you will find Plastic Tube (Pipe in Pipe System Barrier Plastic Pipe, Coiled Standard Plastic Pipe, etc.), Plastic Fittings (Plastic Equal Tee Fittings, Plastic Elbow Fittings, Plastic Spigot Reducer Fittings), Plastic Valves (Plastic Appliance Valve Fittings, Plastic Service Valve Fittings, Double Check Valve Fittings, etc.) and Push Fit Fittings Packs (which include Plastic Elbows, Plastic Straight Connectors, Plastic Equal Tees and more)
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Brand McAlpine,
Product Code BL30-3/4
Weight 0.5kg