Dyna duo double ended bath 1800 x 800mm (0TH)

Product code: 63.KDD18W
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  • Spacious bathtub
  • Two identical back rests and centrol outlet allow for dual bathing
  • classic four-cornered model

Easy clean: Kaldewei baths are hygenic and easy to care for; enamelled steel is far easier to clean than acrylic. With an advanced finish - water forms beads which then roll off the surface takeing virtually all the dirt and limscale with it. The result, a bath thtat always looks like new

Heat resistant: Burning and smouldering objects leave no burn marks or traces of smoke (eg. cigarettes or candles)

Static charge: Bath tubs and shower trays in steel ename; do not charge up with static electricity and do not attract dust when cleaned dry

Colourfast and lightfast: Enamel is extremely resistant to ageing and UV light

Acid and chemical resistant: Resistant to all cosmetic and medicinal bathing preperations and perfumes which can be tolerated by the human skin - even hair dyes! It is acid resistant  to DIN ISO 2722, Class AA 

Material: Kaldewei manufactures its own enamel and has the largest enamelling ovens in the world

  • 30 year guarantee on all Kaldewei Steel Enamel 3.5 baths/shower trays
  • Kaldewei bathtubs cannot be scratched; if metal scratches on enamel, it is the mental which rubs - the enamel is not affected
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    Product Code 63.KDD18W
    Weight 20kg